Video capture and processing

To grab a video on MacOS use Command + Shift + 5.

To refer to the video in markdown like use this (btw GitHub automatically embeds video):


Speed up video

To speed up video install moviepy, provide input and output video, and speed_factor (default is 2):

pip install moviepy
from moviepy.editor import VideoFileClip

def speed_up_video(input_video_path, output_video_path, speed_factor=2):
    # Load the video file
    video_clip = VideoFileClip(input_video_path)
    # Speed up the video
    new_clip = video_clip.speedx(factor=speed_factor)
    # Write the resulting video to the output file
    new_clip.write_videofile(output_video_path, codec='libx264', audio_codec='aac')

# Example usage
input_video_path = ''
output_video_path = ''
speed_up_video(input_video_path, output_video_path, 2)